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Working with Dr. Ruth is one of the greatest blessings I have had in my life.  She has helped so significantly changed my life for the better.  What started as healing the pain of my physical body became healing my mind and my spirit.  In a way that was always gentle and encouraging, she helped me see the potential of living a life with less mental suffering.  She introduced to me so many incredible books and tools to help myself.  The goal with her was always for me to be self-reliant, to see her less, and to trust my inner strength and abilities.  I have never met anyone more gifted in the art of healing.  She is, without question, the most honest, kind, and genuine person I know.  She has helped entirely transform my life.  I have less physical pain, but more importantly, I feel more joy in my life every day.  A joy that comes not from something happening or receiving something but from experiencing the beauty of being alive.

Paula Patton


When I leave Dr. Ruth’s office, I feel better than when I went in.  What she does seems to clear my head, help me breathe more deeply, stand up straighter, and feel more peaceful.  I so appreciate her beautiful energy and great sensitivity to my particular needs.

Dean Grinsfelder


I love Network Spinal Analysis! It has enhanced my life in so many ways. Spiritually, I am definitely moving ahead (sensing my oneness with all and experiencing significantly more peace) in ways that I know I would not have done if I hadn’t had such a clear nervous system.  I also feel like it’s easier to move and/or keep my vibration at a higher level, which seems to keep my outlook positive. Physically, I have strength and stamina and am able to resist the common colds and flu of the school system I work in. As for the 12 Stages ­ it’s awesome! Its implications for my life are many as well ­ much less frustration, more grounding, intuition from physical sensation and a sense of aliveness.  Thank you, Dr. Ziemba — I am very grateful that you chose the career path you did and are honored to be part of the NSA community.

Laura Eaton

Teacher, Art Therapist

I have experienced various forms of healing and bodywork for more than 20 years and I rarely come across anyone truly gifted and skilled. With Dr. Ruth, I am so grateful to experience the well-being that she provides through gentle touch and well-educated insight and wisdom, and anytime I have seen her because of a neck or back muscle spasm….I walk out without one!

Jonathon Beaudette


When I started experiencing Network Spinal Analysis with Dr. Ziemba, at first the changes were subtle, and then as the effects became cumulative as I committed myself more and more to the process. I feel what it is like to be free of the muscle armoring that I have unconsciously used to protect me. When Dr. Ziemba first shared with me about NSA I could only trust because I trusted her integrity and compassion. Now I have experienced its profound benefits. I realize it is a partnership between Dr. Ruth and me and I recommend you experience it for yourself.

Ann Scheppach

Yoga School Administrator

I have been receiving Network care for over four years. The most important thing that I have gained in receiving this work is that I no longer feel stuck in a particular image of myself. I have let go of so much fear, deep embedded fear the I didn’t really know was running me. I have let go of outdated beliefs about myself and who I think I am.  And I am doing things that I never imagined I would have the confidence to do. I have gotten as big as I always wanted to be but didn’t know how to get there. Dr. Ziemba is a wonderful, caring and very present person. She is able to hold the space for whatever needs to come up in the healing process. I am very grateful to her and Network. I would highly recommend Ruth and the work to anyone interested in a thorough path to healing.

Gleah Powers

Movement Instructor

I had no idea how clueless I was regarding how I felt in my body until I began my network sessions. After my sessions with Dr. Ziemba I feel a sense of balance, comfortableness in my sitting, standing and walking. I feel happy to be alive and I celebrate those feelings after every visit. Sometimes after a session I experience a state I can only label as ecstasy and it usually lasts for hours.

Jeff House

Music Industry Rep

Several years ago I was hit by a van whilst cycling, and as a result my sacroiliac joints were split. Lately this injury had become so painful and unstable that 2 or 3 days out of any given week I would find myself unable to get out of bed. At the time of writing this I have been the happy recipient of Network Chiropractic Care for a whopping 6 weeks. In this short stretch of time I have regained much of my health. I am thrilled to report that I feel as if I’ve been given a brand new pelvis, something that frankly, I was not prepared for. In the eight years of nearly continuous standard chiropractic care I received to keep this injury in heck, I didn’t make even a fraction of the progress I have made I these wondrous past six weeks. Perhaps the best part of this whole new experience has been learning to connect and integrate my mind, body and spirit ­ my “new” pelvis is merely a side effect of that! I recommend this powerful experience to anyone who loves being alive.

Steph Z. Horzepa

Film Producer

I have been under NSA for 9 months now. It has been such an enlightening experience, one that I did not know even existed. This work has proven to be extremely beneficial in many aspects of my life; physically, emotionally, mentally and creatively. Physically, I can recognize my breath again! My sleep has improved and my dreams have become more vivid and informational. The care has also helped me grow and learn, emotionally speaking, by bringing up old issues that had been repressed or not noticed earlier. It has helped me gain the tools to see truths and patterns that are always there. I feel more in tune with my true self, which has allowed my relationships to open up and become more intimate on many levels.

Leah Cuchran

Songwriter/ Artist

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