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Every single body is different. Find out exactly what your body needs.

Below are the services that Integral Wisdom Healing Arts provides. We highly suggest a consultation with Dr. Ruth Ziemba to find out exactly what your body needs. 

Network Spinal

A healing method that reduces deeply held tensions in the nervous system and facilitates the brain to incorporate new strategies for dealing with stress, resulting in a profound sense of wellness

      -- Offered in private or group sessions

      -- Complimentary bi-monthly class- call to reserve a spot

      -- Packages offered at reduced rates (packs of 5 and 10)

Trauma Point Healing

A therapeutic modality that blends principles of somatic experiencing and body electronic point holding to touch upon emotional, mental, and physical traumas, allowing any individual to experience a fuller expression and function of themself. 

Meditation Guidance

Trained in Kripalu, mindfulness, vipassana, kundalini  as well as progressive visualization under the apprenticeship of Dr. Joan Borysenko- author, researcher and workshop facilitator at Dana Farber CA Institute in Boston, MA.

Therapeutic Tissue Work

A private 30 minute session focusing on areas which chronically hold tension.

Private Yoga Instruction

Consultation-- FREE!

Listen to your body and learn.

Dr. Ruth Ziemba offers a free 15 minute consultation to find the best solution. 

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Families & Kids!

Dr. Ziemba has entrained infants as young as a few days old. Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care involves no cracking or manipulation of vertebrae, so children love it.

Birth is one of the most profound, and often difficult, physical traumas we experience. She sees toddlers in the various stages of learning to walk and talk, children dealing the rigors and disciplines of education, and young adults dealing with the stress-filled years of pre- and post-adolescence. 

Dr. Ziemba offers special family plans with discounted rates for immediate family members. All this in a peaceful, comfortable environment where children feel welcome. This is definitely not the stereotypical “Doctor’s Office." Children are happy to be here and seem to have an innate sense that this is something supportive of their healing. 

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